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Taste Ramadan 2019

JMAH in partnership with TasteRamadan is hosting a communal Iftaar for our friends and neighbours on: SATURDAY 18TH MAY 2019 – 8:30 PM Taste Ramadan is a national initiative that welcomes people from all faiths & backgrounds interested in connecting with the community & learning about other cultures. Share in…

Ramadan 2019

Ramadan 2019 at JMAH: The masjid will be holding daily iftaars for the whole congregations. Brothers only. Every weekend the masjid will be holding Tafseer classes. These will be in the Urdu language. Open to all. The masjid will be holding Taraweeh prayers after Isha every evening. Open to all.…

Urdu Lecture

Urdu lecture by Shaykh Sharkhan Jameel

JMAH Visit My Mosque

JMAH in partnership with Visit my mosque is opening its doors to the wider public to come and experience what a mosque is like. For more information please see the following poster

JMAH Madrassah Awards Presentation

On Thursday 14th, JMAH Madrassah held its awards presentation for the students of the madrassah. A wide range of achievements were celebrated, A snapshot of the event can be seen in the below images. A quick video of the event can be seen here; The full video will be uploaded…

The Lives of the 4 Khulafaa

Introducing our February events with Shaykh Mustafa Raslan Each Saturday we’ll follow the lives of the rightly guided, a breakdown of each session can be found here: Friday Khutba 1st Feb What is the Khilaphah Rashidah? Who are the khulapha Rashidoon? Virtues of the khulapha Rashidoon The Roles they played…

Story Night: Dua from the Deep

Story Night by Brother Hisham Jafer on the Story of Yunus (AS)

The A-Z of Purification

About the Workshop: Every Muslim, male or female, young and old is required to know the fundamentals of the basic acts of worship, the most important of which is the prayer. Yet how can we learn about the prayer without first learning about purification This workshop will allow you to…

Seerah of the Prophet: Makkan Period

Join us as we follow the Seerah of our beloved prophet during his Makkan period. Taught over 4 Sundays Brother Abu Hafsah will take you through a journey of his life, the beginning of his prophethood leading up to his migration to Madinah. This event is for Brothers Only.

Q1 Knowledge Series 101

JMAH Dawah is launching a series of talks and courses to help enrich your Imaan. From January 2019, there will be a series of FREE talks, lectures and workshops that will form part of a quarterly programme of knowledge led by our local teachers and imams. The programme will run…

Story Night: The Story of Isa (AS)

This event was livestreamed. You can watch the recorded video here:  

Saturday Soup Kitchen

Running every 12 till 1pm. Free food is available for the poor and needy. Please help spread the word

Jummah Khutbah by Shaykh Alaa Elsayed

This weeks Jummah Khutbah will be by guest speaker Shaykh Alaa Elsayed About the Shaykh: Shaykh Alaa Elsayed is the Director of Religious Affairs at the Islamic Centre of Canada-ISNA Canada. Prior to that, he was the Executive Director for the Canadian Islamic Congress. Shaykh Alaa is also a teacher…

Girls Saturday School

The Class Covers: – Tajweed – Hifz – Arabic – Islamic Studies Every Saturday | 11am till 1pm | Ages 10 to 14 £10 a month – By Ustada Yomna Helmy About the teacher: Born in Madinah and grew up in the UAE where she completed the memorisation of the…

1 Year Sisters Ilm Programme

A 1 year structured course covering the following areas plus much more: Arabic Language : Covering the basic arabic language Islamic Studies : Covering Aqeedah, Fiqh, Ahadith and Seerah Quranic Studies : Covering recitation with Tajweed Every Sundays | 10am – 12pm | £10 a month ages 14 years plus…

Quran Halaqas

About the course: This halaqa will start from Surat Al Baqarah and aims to connect you to the most three important obligations of the Quran: Recitation : improve your recitation with proper pronunciation and tajweed. Translation : Understanding the general meaning of the Ayat. Tafseer : Learn the message of…

Special Feature Session – JMAH Conference

OBTAIN AN IJAZAH! A Highly Recommended, Unique & Amazing Opportunity – here in Halifax! This year in keeping with the theme of the Annual Conference, one of the first sessions Insha Allah, will be a reading of Fazail -e- Sahaba 40 hadiths, a hadith text which covers many aspects of…

4th Annual JMAH Conference

The annual Urdu/English conference is on 13th October 2018 running under the theme of Fazail-e-Sahaba, Virtues of the companions. International speakers include: SHAYKH ASGHAR ALI IMAM MAHDI DR. MUHAMMAD HAMMAD LAKHVI SHAYKH ABDUL-HADI AL OMRI SHAYKH ZAFAR UL-HASSAN MADNI SHAYKH DR SOHAIB HASSAN SHAYKH WAJID MALIK SHAYKH SOHAIB HUSSAIN SHAYKH…


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